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We covenant to acknowledge God's claim upon our lives and the work in the Covenant Association. We seek through this covenantal relationship:

  • to share common ministry with authorized ministers and local churches.
  • to affirm our faith in the living God, Eternal Spirit, Creator and Sustainer, who is revealed in the teachings,the person, and the work of Jesus as the Christ.
  • to strengthen the ties of faith and community.

Covenant Association Higher Education Grant

Higher Education Grant 

The Covenant Association of the Michigan Conference United Church of Christ invites applications for grants that advocate for the support of students in Higher Education settings. Please submit a 1-2 page description of the plans for ministry in a specific setting. How will the funds be used? If you have received a grant within the last year, please include an additional page indicating how ministry was impacted in that setting by the gift. Be sure to include the ways outreach includes ecumenical diversity and specific UCC involvement of students, faculty and staff.

Grant applications must be submitted to the Higher Education Advocate, Rev. Dr. Julie Kilmer at by September 1, 2014. Please note that grants are limited to one gift per setting per year. Amounts of each grant will vary, depending upon number of applications, need and previous funding patterns. Amounts generally range from $500 - $3000.


Greetings to Covenant Association,

Last year's Spring meeting of Covenant Association was held in Jackson at First Congregational UCC. First Congregational was a great host as we celebrated the theme of planting seeds -- figuratively and literally. Kari Nicewander put together a good meeting with actual plant seeds, pots and potting soil to remind us that God wants us to grow. God wants us to grow in spirit and in faith. God wants us to grow in our concern and care for the earth. God wants us to grow in our work for justice. And God wants us to grow in numbers of faithful disciples who care for one another.

We tried something a little different at the 2012 Spring meeting by having our program and worship service combined. It all went very smoothly and the fresh approach was received well. Attendees were supposed to take their potted seeds to their home churches to care for, but many people do not seem to be willing to talk about what happened to their plants. I pray that some people neglected their plant seeds because they were too busy helping other people.

In the Fall of 2012, Kari Nicewander took her family to Zambia, Africa to work with the Community Health Evangelism program through the Presbyterian Church. CHE helps people improve their health, find clean water and raise their spirituality. You can keep up with Kari and her family's activities on the Covenant Association's web site. We as an Association are also contributing some financial assistance to Kari's ministry.

In June of 2012, we welcomed the Rev. Dr. Campbell Lovett as our Conference Minister. Campbell has been a good listener and has made efforts to improve the communications in the Conference. He initiated the Two By Two program to encourage our churches to work with other community agencies and/or churches to do ministry. Our Association and Conference have a new vitality growing with Campbell's invigorating spirit.

A number of youth from Covenant Association attended the National Youth Event in July. It was a great experience of fellowship, learning and worship.

Our 2012 Fall meeting was held at First Congregational in Saginaw and the theme was doing social justice issues through drama and art. Attendance was down for the meeting, but the programs, worship, business meeting and lunch were all good. Thanks to First Congregational Saginaw for their fine hospitality.

Camp Talahi is up and running for another season. Our thanks goes to the people who have worked so hard to keep the camp going. Church camp is a unique experience and we need to support our youth by encouraging them to go to camp.

In the Fall, the Justice Advocacy sponsored a workshop held at St. Stephen's UCC which explained and discussed the immigration issue.

This winter, some Michigan youth met for a ski trip and other means of fun and fellowship. Other events are planned for our Michigan youth.

The 2013 Spring Meeting of the Covenant Association was on Saturday April 20 at Edgewood UCC in East Lansing.  Our business meeting followed the Vitality Day workshop sponsored by the Michigan Conference.

Peace and Love, Pastor Peter Robinson - Moderator

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